About Us

Welcome to Nachele! 

Nachele is a chic unique women's handbag boutique.  We are your handbag enthusiast that enhance your outfits one handbag at a time by ensuring excellent customer service.  Please don't ever hesitate to contact us! All of our customers become our family!  Welcome again to our handbag world!

Nachele was started, because of Shakira's (our owner) love of handbags.  She loves all handbags, but its the unique, nontraditional, and fun handbags that have her heart.  Come hang with her and let her be your handbag plug!

Here's a little about our owner Shakira.  She loves a good handbag, has spotted the latest trends, and loves bright colors, but insist fashion is what the individual makes it!  She also believes any handbag can be a conversation piece in any ice breaker situations.  Her and her mother have created many one of one handbag pieces for her to carry to many special events.